...planning on traveling abroad?

Whether traveling abroad for vacation, business, or volunteerism, it is important that you spend time preparing yourself and your child for international travel. 

You must learn about the destination where you will be traveling. This includes the health risks, safety and security concerns, and local law and cultural issues. 

In addition, it is very important the you need to see your pediatrician at least 8 weeks prior to travel. At the visit, you must provide the name of the areas where you will be traveling within each country, the length of the trip, exact dates of the trip, what types of activities you might be doing, your vaccine history, and any current medical problems. 

It may be required for you to get additional vaccines not part of a routine vaccine schedule. These vaccines may not be available at our office. However, we can refer you to an a clinic that provides vaccines for international travel. In addition, you may be required to take medication to prevent certain illnesses while you are traveling. It is very important that you follow all of these recommendations as instructed. 

Please call our office at least eight weeks prior to traveling abroad to set up an appointment. 

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